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A Letter from Our Admissions Director

Monna Istranyi, Admissions Director at Polis World School Manhattan

Monna Istranyi,
Admissions Director

Dear Prospective Families,

I am delighted that you are embarking on the journey to learn more about the extraordinary Montessori Mandarin immersion program offered by Polis Montessori World School. Choosing the right school for your child is never an easy task and it is my great honor to share my perspective and to support you during this process.

As an early childhood educator, I strongly believe that education should be individualized and children should be inspired to reach their full potential. The goal of childhood education is to help each and every student become independent both intellectually and socially. In our innovative Montessori classrooms at Polis, this goal is easily achievable. Our students are encouraged to move around freely and to independently choose their activity of interest during the uninterrupted work period. They explode into academic learning by having access to carefully designed and sequenced materials. Moreover, they learn and practice how to socialize with grace and courtesy in a mixed-age group setting. Learning and social interaction becomes joyful, effective and effortless.

At Polis, we are determined to prepare our students for the unlimited possibilities of their future as well as to help them become cultured, well-rounded world citizens. There is no better way to do so than immersing them in a second language! Our students will start to learn all content knowledge in Mandarin when they are very young. All subjects are integrated and the students are not only learning the language but they are learning everything in the language. Personally, what gets me the most excited about Polis is that after spending many years teaching and managing various Mandarin immersion programs, I am confident that the Montessori method and its unique multi-sensorial materials will enable a successful immersion program.

Our students are empowered to seek knowledge beyond the classroom. They navigate the world by planning their own excursions, connecting with their communities, and conducting research with content experts. Those experiences eventually become deep and wealthy memories that will accompany your children alongside their journey to success.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your family!


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