Polis World School

Become a Founding Family

If you are passionate about Montessori, or language immersion, or both, and want to help make this amazing educational journey available to the children in your life, consider becoming a Polis Founding Family.

Our Founding Family program will include a small group of no more than 20 early-adopter parents who have both the vision to see what is possible in education, and the eagerness to actually help make that vision a reality here and now for their child (and, of course, all the children who will follow). Polis Founding Families are a seed community whose children will flower into a healthy, vibrant international network of alumni, fluent in multiple languages and animated by the passion and energy for impact that Montessori makes possible. Your investment in Polis is an investment in your own child, and multitudes of others, for these all-important early years.

How It Works

To join our “Founding Family” community, we ask that you pre-pay three years of tuition for one or more children, at a 10% discount to our inaugural rates, with no annual increases.

Your investment will be 100% refundable until the school opens, if you come to decide for any reason that the program or community are not for your child. Thereafter, if at any point you decide to leave the school, the balance of the prepayment is refundable (less two months tuition).

As a member of the Founding Family community, you'll be an “insider” with regular updates into the development of the program and community, as well as opportunities to participate in socials, playdates, and various special events throughout the years your child is enrolled. Your participation in Founding Family activities can be more or less active in accordance with your personal preference.

Other benefits you will receive include:

  • The ability to offer priority enrollment (a jump to the top of our waitlist) for up to five other children, any time in the first five years of our school’s life.

  • Priority invitations to any field trips or events where there is limited room for parent attendance.

  • Priority enrollment at future Polis campuses, if you and your family were to move to a different city where Polis operates a school.

  • And of course, if for any reason our school does not open as planned, your tuition pre-payment will be fully refunded. Even after the school opens, the balance of the prepayment remains refundable (less two months tuition).

To show our deep gratitude, as well as the gratitude of the future community you will help create, we’ll recognize our Founding Families by placing a special plaque in the entry-way of our school to commemorate their contributions.